Journal Clubs of Spring 2016

June 24: Lars Aalsma will tell us about:
"The nilpotent goldstino; a story of supersymmetry, cosmology and string theory.",
based on
arXiv:0907.2441, arXiv:1502.07627 and arXiv:1507.07556.

We will informally discuss:
1. Short interval expansion of Renyi entropy on torus (Chen, Wu, Zhang)
2. Twisted sectors from plane partitions (Dutta, Gaberdiel, Li, Peng)

June 17: Jorrit Kruthoff will tell us about
AdS2 Holography and the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model,
and will incorporate (parts of)
a. Conformal symmetry and its breaking in two dimensional nearly AdS space (Maldacena, Stanford, Yang)
b. Comments on the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Maldacena, Stanford)
c. An investigation of AdS2 backreaction and holography (Engelsöy, Mertens, Verlinde)
d. Conformal symmetry breaking and thermodynamics of near-extremal black holes (Almheiri, Kang)

and we will informally discuss
1. GW151226: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a 22-Solar-Mass Binary Black Hole Coalescence
2. Linearity of Holographic Entanglement Entropy (Almheiri, Dong, Swingle)

June 3: Discussion Organisation JC + speakers next semester
and we will informally discuss
1. Entanglement entropy and duality (Radicevic)
2. Left-right entanglement entropy of Dp-branes (Pando Zayas, Quiroz)
3. Gravity duals of boundary cones (J. Camps)
4. Resurgence in complex Chern-Simons theory (Gukov, Marino, Putrov)
5. Liouville Theory on Horizons: Towards a Quantum Theory of Black Holes (Edi Halyo)

May 27: *new* faculty members' corner! Jan de Boer
and we will informally discuss
1. Equivariant Verlinde algebra from superconformal index and Argyres-Seiberg duality (Gukov, Pei, Yan, Ye)
2. Kerr-Newman Black Holes with String Corrections (Charles, Larsen)
3. Resurgence in complex Chern-Simons theory (Gukov, Marino, Putrov)
4. Modular Hamiltonians for Deformed Half-Spaces and Averaged Null Energy Condition (Faulkner, Leigh, Parrikar, Wang)

May 20: Marcel Vonk

1. The exceptional story of massive IIA supergravity (Ciceri, Guarino, Inverso)
2. Moduli Vacuum Misalignment and Precise Predictions in String Inflation (Cicoli, Dutta, Maharana, Quevedo)
3. Bulk local states and crosscaps in holographic CFT (Nakayama and Ooguri)
4. Gravitational Positive Energy Theorems from Information Inequalities (Lashkari, Lin, Ooguri, Stoica, Van Raamsdonk)
5. Toda Theory From Six Dimensions (Cordova, Jafferis)
6. The "Parity" Anomaly On An Unorientable Manifold (E. Witten)
7. Constrained superfields from an anti-D3-brane in KKLT (Vercnocke, Wrase)

April 28: [Thursday, no pizza]
Bring your ideas on how to improve the Journal Club format
and we will informally discuss
1. Finite size effect on dynamical entanglement entropy: CFT and holography (Mandal, Sinha and Ugajin)
2. Comments on the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model (Maldacena and Stanford)
3. Evidence for an Electrifying Violation of Cosmic Censorship (Horowitz, Santos, Way)

April 22:
Diego Cohen-Maldonado will tell us about
A Practical Approach to the Hamilton-Jacobi Formulation of Holographic Renormalization(Elvang, Hadjiantonis)
and we will informally discuss
1. Comments on thermalization in 2D CFT (Jan de Boer, Dalit Engelhardt)
2. Extended First Law for Entanglement Entropy in Lovelock Gravity (Kastor, Ray, Traschen)
3. The lightest visible-sector supersymmetric particle is likely to be unstable
(Acharya, Ellis, Kane, Nelson, Perry)
4. Gauge interactions and topological phases of matter(Tachikawa, Yonekura)
5. Squarks and Sleptons are not needed for the SSM. They can be, and they should be, transformed away
Canonical Transformations can Dramatically Simplify Supersymmetry

April 15:
João Gomes will tell us about
Towards an exact M-theory computation for black hole entropy
and we will discuss:
0. Lattice Quantum Gravity and Asymptotic Safety ( Laiho, Bassler, Coumbe, Du, Neelakanta)
1. Equivalence of emergent de Sitter spaces from conformal field theory (Asplund, Callebaut, Zukowski)
2. A stereoscopic look into the bulk (Czech, Lamprou, McCandlish, Mosk, Sully)
3. Small Black Holes and Near-Extremal CFTs (Benjamin, Dyer, Fitzpatrick, Maloney, Perlmutter)

April 8:
Fernando Rejon-Barrera will tell us about his recent paper
A Proof of the Conformal Collider Bounds
and we will informally discuss
1. Bound states of spinning black holes in five dimensions (Crichigno, Porri, Vandoren)
2. Bit threads and holographic entanglement entropy (Freedman and Headrick)
3. Small Black Holes and Near-Extremal CFTs (Benjamin, Dyer, Fitzpatrick, Maloney, Perlmutter)
4. Universal Bounds on Charged States in 2d CFT and 3d Gravity (Benjamin, Dyer, Fitzpatrick, Kachru)
5. Inflation from String Field Theory (Koshelev, Kumar and Moniz)

March 24: (Thu, 12-1pm!)
Informal journal club: no pizza, no talk.
We will informally discuss:
1. A proof of the conformal collider bounds (Hofman, Rejon-Barrera, et. al)
2. Polarised antibranes from Smarr relations (Cohen-Maldonado, Diaz, Gautason
3. Holography on non-Orientable surfaces (Maloney, Ross)
4. Black Hole Collapse in the 1/c Expansion (Anous, Hartman, Rovai, Sonner)
5. Locality, bulk equations of motion and the conformal bootstrap (Kabat, Lifschytz)
6. A Practical Approach to the Hamilton-Jacobi Formulation of Holographic Renormalization (Elvang, Hadjiantonis)

March 11:
Erik Verlinde will tell us about his upcoming work
“Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe”
All comments are welcomed!

We will informally discuss
1.Symmetries and invariants in higher spin theory. (Vasiliev)
2. On CFT and Quantum Chaos (Turiaci, H. Verlinde)
3. A toy model of black hole complementarity. (Papadodimas, Raju, Banerjee, Bryan)
4. Geometric U-folds in four dimensions (Shahbazi, Lazaroiu)
5. A microscopic description of black hole evaporation via holography (Berkowitz, Hanada, Maltz)
6. dS and inflation in SUGRA: constrained superfields
Linear Versus Non-linear Supersymmetry, in General
(Ferrara, Kallosh, Van Proeyen, Wrase)
Orthogonal Nilpotent Superfields from Linear Models (Kallosh, Karlson, Mosk, Murli)
On the origin of constrained superfields (Dall'Agata, Dudas, Farakos)

March 3 (Thursday 12-1pm!):
informal Journal Club (no pizza, no talk, only papers)
1. Loop corrections to the antibrane potential (Bena, Blåbäck, Turton)
2. Conformal Bootstrap Dashing Hopes of Emergent Symmetry
(Nakayama ,Ohtsuki)
3. Disordered Quivers and Cold Horizons (Anninos, Anous, Denef)
4. Eternal Higher Spin Black Holes: a Thermofield Interpretation (Castro, Iqbal, Llabrés)
5. Bounding the Space of Holographic CFTs with Chaos (Perlmutter)
6. Shape Dependence of Holographic Renyi Entropy in Conformal Field Theories (Dong)

February 19:
Alexandre Belin will present
Permutations Orbifolds: exploring the landscape of theories of quantum gravity in AdS_3,
based on his papers with Keller and Maloney 1412.7159,1509.01256
and we will informally discuss
1. Holographic Conformal Partial Waves as Gravitational Open Wilson Networks (Bhatta, Raman and Suryanarayana)
2. Gapped Boundary Phases of Topological Insulators via Weak Coupling (Seiberg, Witten)
3. Gravitational wave tests of quantum modifications to black hole structure (Giddings)
4. AdS nonlinear instability: moving beyond spherical symmetry (O. Dias, J. Santos)
5. Mellin transforming the minimal model CFTs: AdS/CFT at strong curvature (D. Lowe)
6. Entanglement entropy in top-down models (P. Jones, M. Taylor)

February 12:
Sam van Leuven will present
Superconformal Index, BPS Monodromy and Chiral Algebras by Cecotti, Song, Vafa and Yang
and we will informally discuss
1. Symplectically invariant flow equations for N=2, D=4 gauged supergravity with hypermultiplets (Klemm, Petri, Rabbiosi)
2. Deformations of Superconformal Theories (Cordova, Dumitrescu, Intriligator)
3. Two worlds collide: Interacting shells in AdS spacetime and chaos (Brito, Cardoso, Rocha)

January 29: Nabil Iqbal will be presenting a lush head of
Soft Hair on Black Holes by Hawking, Perry and Strominger
and we will informally discuss
1. Momentum Fractionation on Superstrata (Bena, Martinec, Turton, Warner)
2. The Spectrum in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model (Polchinski, Rosenhaus)
3. Bulk Reconstruction in the Entanglement Wedge in AdS/CFT (Dong, Harlow, Wall)
4. An Area-Law Prescription for Holographic Renyi Entropies (Dong)
5. Black hole unitarity and antipodal entanglement ('t Hooft)
6. What is entropy in entropic gravity? (Carrol, Remmen)
7. On emergent geometry from entanglement entropy in matrix theory. (Vatche Sahakian)
8. Relative entropy equals bulk relative entropy

January 15: Robert Jefferson will present
Precursors, gauge freedom, and entanglement mapping in AdS/CFT
and we will informally discuss
1. Soft Hair on Black Holes (Hawking, Perry, Strominger)
2. Generalized Gravitational Entropy for WAdS3 (Song, Wen, Xu)
3. Holographic duality from random tensor networks (Patrick Hayden, Sepehr Nezami, Xiao-Liang Qi, Nathaniel Thomas, Michael Walter and Zhao Yang)
4. Comments on Jacobson's "Entanglement equilibrium and the Einstein equation" (Casini, Galante, Myers)
5. Thermodynamic Origin of the Null Energy Condition, Two Roads to the Null Energy Condition (Parikh, Svesko)
6. Relative entropy equals bulk relative entropy (Jafferis, Lewkowycz, Maldacena, Suh)
7. Holographic partition functions and phases for higher genus Riemann surfaces (Maxfield, Ross, Way)
8. Big Numbers in String Theory (Schellekens)
9. Near-Horizon Geometry and Warped Conformal Symmetry (Afshar, Detournay, Grumiller, Oblak)