Journal Clubs of Spring 2015

June 19th: Gabriele Conti will present
The many faces of dS -- a holographic viewpoint!
and we will informally discuss
Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy and Strange Metals (Sachdev)
A model with no firewall (Mathur)
Quantum mechanics and the principle of maximal variety (Smolin)
Resonant dynamics and the instability of anti-de Sitter spacetime (Bizon et al)
Algebra of the Infrared: String Field Theoretic Structures in Massive N=(2,2) Field Theory In Two Dimensions

June 5th
Hai-Siong Tan will present
Origin of the Pure Spinor and Green-Schwarz Formalisms (Berkovitz)
and we will informally discuss
1. Chaos in the Black Hole S-Matrix (Polchinski)

May 22
Fernando Rejon-Barrera will present
Scalar-Vector Bootstrap
and we will informally discuss
1. Entanglement equilibrium and the Einstein equation (T. Jacobson)
2. Anomalies, Chern-Simons Terms and Black Hole Entropy (Azeyanagi, Loganayagam, Ng)
3. Poking holes in AdS/CFT: Bulk Fields from Boundary States (H. Verlinde)
4. Nature abhors a horizon (Kraus, Mathur)
5. Condimension-2 Solutions in Five-Dimensional Supergravity (Park, Shigemori)
6. Higher-Derivative Supergravity and Moduli Stabilization (Ciupke, Louis, Westphal)

May 8th
Irfan Ilgin will present
Integral Geometry and Holography (to appear, by Czech, Lamprou, McCandlish and Sully)
and we will informally discuss
1. The many faces of brane-flux annihilation (Gautason, Truijen, Van Riet)
2. Scale-invariant breaking of conformal symmetry (Dymarsky, Zhiboedov)
3. The Epsilon-Expansion from Conformal Field Theory
4. Topological charges in 2d N=(2,2) theories and massive BPS states (Park)
Guest host: Marcel Vonk

May 1st
Diego Cohen Maldonado will present
One-loop partition function of three-dimensional flat gravity (Barnich, Gonzalez, Maloney, Oblak)
and we will informally discuss
1. Effective actions for relativistic fluids from holography (de Boer, Heller, Pinzani-Fokeeva)
2. Electric fields and quantum wormholes (Dalit, Ben, Nabil)
3. Structure of Six-Dimensional Microstate Geometries (Paul, Daniel, Bert)
4. Fricke S-duality in CHL models (Persson, Volpato)
5. Connection vs metric description for non-AdS solutions in higher spin theories (Lei, Ross)
6. No-hair theorem for Black Holes in Astrophysical Environments (Guerlebeck)
7. Entanglement entropy in two dimensional string theory (Hartnoll, Mazenc)

Guest host: Paul de Lange.

April 17th: Gianfranco Bertone will present
Amsterdark (and review the status of dark matter searches)
and we will informally discuss
1. Standard model fermions and K(E10) (Kleinschmidt, Nicolai)
2. A Note on D1-D5 Entropy and Geometric Quantization (Krishnan, Raju)
3. Entanglement in Fock space of random QFT states (Magan, Vandoren)
4. Brane polarization is no cure for tachyons (Bena, Kuperstein)

April 10th: Rene Meyer will present
Anisotropic Holographic Insulators and Homes' Relation
and we will informally discuss
1. Eikonalization of Conformal Blocks, (Fitzpatrick, Kaplan, Walters, Wang).
2. Equivariant Topological Quantum Field Theory and Symmetry Protected Topological Phases, (Kapustin, Turzillo)
3. A Cardy formula for holographic hyperscaling-violating theories (Shaghoulian)

April 2nd: Informal Journal Club at 12:00!
And we will informally discuss
1. Extremal Rotating Black Holes in the Near-Horizon Limit: Phase Space and Symmetry Algebra (Compère, Hajian, Seraj, Sheikh-Jabbari)
2. All Static Black Holes in AdS3 (Haddad)
3. Cosmological Collider Physics (Arkani-Hamed, Maldacena)
4. Comments on the Necessity and Implications of State-Dependence in the Black-Hole Interior (Papadodimas, Raju).
5. Further Holographic Investigations of Big Bang Singularities (N. Engelhardt, T. Hertog, G. Horowitz).
6. Holographic quantum error-correcting codes: Toy models for the bulk/boundary correspondence(Pastawski, Yoshida, Harlow, Preskill)
7. Quantum Music(Volkmar Putz, Karl Svozil)
8. A Farewell to Falsifiability(Douglas Scott, Ali Frolop, Ali Narimani, Andrei Frolov)
9. Renyi Entropies, the Analytic Bootstrap, and 3D Quantum Gravity at Higher Genus(Headrick, Maloney, Perlmutter, Zadeh)

March 20th: Sarah Harrison will present
Umbral Moonshine and K3 Surfaces
and we will informally discuss
1. A bound on chaos (Maldacena, Shenker, Stanford)
2. Habemus Superstratum! A constructive proof of the existence of superstrata (Bena, Giusto, Russo, Shigemori, Warner)
3. Counting RG flows (Gukov)
4. Undecidability of the Spectral Gap (short version) (Cubitt, Perez-Garcia, Wolf)
5. Surface/State Correspondence as a Generalized Holography (Miyaji, Takayanagi)
6. Elliptic Genera and 3d Gravity (Benjamin, Cheng, Kachru, Moore, Paquette)
7. N = 1 theories of class S_k (Gaiotto, Razamat)

March 6th: Laurens Kabir will present
Local Operators in the Eternal Black Hole,(Kyriakos Papadodimas and Suvrat Raju)
and we will informally discuss
1. New Gravitational memory by Pasterski, Strominger and Zhiboedov,
2. One-loop partition function of three-dimensional flat gravity (Barnich, Gonzalez, Maloney and Oblak)
3. Resurgence and Topological Strings (Marcel Vonk)
4. Holography as a highly efficient RG flow : Part 1 (Nicolas Behr, Stanislav Kuperstein and Ayan Mukhopadhyay)
5. Virasoro conformal blocks in closed form (Perlmutter)
6. High-Temperature Expansion of Supersymmetric Partition Functions (Ardehali, Liu, Szepietowski)
7. Hidden symmetry of AdS resonances (Oleg Evnin and Chethan Krishnan)
8. Extending dualities to trialities deepens the foundations of dynamics. (Lee Smolin)

Feb 20th: Ben Mosk will present
Tomography from Entanglement by Jennifer Lin, Matilde Marcolli, Hirosi Ooguri and Bogdan Stoica;
arXiv:1412.1879 [hep-th]
and we will informally discuss
1. Newton constant, contact terms and entropy (Sergey N. Solodukhin, arXiv: 1502.03758)
2. Perturbative entanglement entropy in nonlocal theories (Charles Rabideau: arXiv: 1502.03826)
3. Memory matrix theory of magnetotransport in strange metals(Andrew Lucas and Subir Sachdev: 1502.04704) (see also Thermoelectric Conductivities at Finite Magnetic Field and the Nernst effect Keun-Young Kim, et al:
1502.05386 and Magnetothermoelectric Response from Holography
Mike Blake, Aristomenis Donos and Nakarin Lohitsiri: 1502.03789)

Feb 13th: Francesco Benini will present
Infinite chiral symmetry in four dimensions (Beem, Lemos, Liendo, Peelaers, Rastelli, van Rees) 1312.5344
and we will informally discuss
1. OPE of the stress tensors and surface operators (Huang, Hung, Lin)
2. A Semidefinite Program Solver for the Conformal Bootstrap (David Simmons-Duffin)
3. On thermal fluctuations and the generating functional in relativistic hydrodynamics (M. Harder, P. Kovtun, A. Ritz)
4. (Reprise of last week:)
Perturbative decay of anti-branes in flux backgrounds due to space time instabilities (U. Danielsson)
Smeared antibranes polarise in AdS (Gautason, Truijen, Van Riet)
5. Stringy Horizons(Giveon, Itzhaki, Kutasov)
6. A Hidden Symmetry of AdS Resonances (Evnin, Krishnan)

Feb 6th: Dalit Engelhardt will present
Revivals after a quench in confined 1+1-dimensional systems
and we will informally discuss
1. A third way to 3D gauge theory ( Arvanitakis, Servin and Townsend).
2. Kac-Moody and Borcherds Symmetries of Six-Dimensional Chiral Supergravity ( Henneaux, Lekeu).
3. Gravitational collapse of thin shells: Time evolution of the holographic entanglement entropy (Keränen, Nishimura, Stricker, Taanila, Vuorinen)
4. Regge behavior saves String Theory from causality violations (D’Appollonioa, Di Vecchiab, Russod, Veneziano)

Jan 30th: Matt Lippert will present:
- The thermoelectric properties of inhomogeneous holographic lattices (A. Donos, J. Gauntlett)
and we will informally discuss
1. Conductivity of a strange metal: from holography to memory functions, (A. Lucas)
2. Bulk-Boundary Duality, Gauge Invariance, and Quantum Error Correction, (E. Mintun, J. Polchinski, V. Rosenhaus)
3. Localised Anti-Branes in Flux Backgrounds, (G. Hartnett)
4. The Holographic Dictionary for Beta Functions of Multi-trace Coupling Constants, (Ofer Aharony, Guy Gur-Ari, Nizan Klinghoffer)

Jan 23rd: Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva will present:
- Zoology of condensed matter: Framids, ordinary stuff, extra-ordinary stuff (A. Nicolis, R. Penco, F. Piazza, R. Rattazzi)
We will informally discuss:
1. The legacy of ADM (S. Deser)
2. Linear mode stability of Kerr-Newman and its quasinormal modes. (O. Dias, M. Godazgar, J. Santos)
3. Entanglement Entropy in The dS/CFT Correspondence (Y. Sato)
4. Emergence in Holographic Scenarios for Gravity (D. Dieks, J. van Dongen, S de Haro)
5. Virasoro Conformal Blocks and Thermality from Classical Backgrounds Fields (A. Fitzpatrick, J. Kaplan, M. Walters)

Jan 16th: Paul de Lange will present:
-- String University for Permutation Orbifolds (A. Belin, A. Keller, A. Maloney) and
-- Permutation Orbifolds and Holography (F. Haehl and M. Rangamani).
We will informally discuss:
1. Worldline approach to semi-classical conformal blocks (E. Hijano, P. Kraus, R. Snively)
2. From Veneziano to Riemann: A String Theory Statement of the Riemann Hypothesis (Y. He, V. Jejjala, D. Minic)
3. Black Hole instability and reflection symmetry (arXiv:1501.02522 , Prabhu, Shiffrin, Wald)
4. Rigid Holography and Six-Dimensional N=(2,0) Theories on AdS_5 times S^1 (O. Aharony, M. Berkooz, S. Rey)
5. Scaling Theory of the cuprate strange metals, (S. Hartnoll, A. Karch)