Journal Clubs of Fall 2015

December 11th: Juan Pedraza will present
Spread of entanglement and causality (Casini, Liu, Mezei)
and we will informally discuss
1. Membrane paradigm, gravitational theta term, and gauge/gravity duality (W. Fischler, S. Kundu)
2. Single-centered black hole microstate degeneracies from instantons in supergravity (Murthy, Reys)
3. Speed Limits for Entanglement (Afkhami-Jeddi, Hartman)
4. Asymptotic Fermionic Symmetry From Soft Gravitino Theorem (Vyacheslav Lysov)
5. A non-SUSY extension of the Poincar´e group (Andras Laszlo)

December 4th: Francesca Ferrari will present
"F-Theory, Spinning Black Holes and Multi-string Branches" , by Haghighat, Murthy, Vafa and Vandoren
and we will informally discuss:
1. Black hole microstates in AdS4 from supersymmetric localization (Benini, Hristov, Zaffaroni)
2. On the construction of charged operators inside an eternal black hole. (Jafferis, Guica)
3. Symplectic and Killing symmetries of AdS3 gravity: Holographic vs Boundary gravitons (Compere, Mao, Seraj, Sheikh-Jabbari)
4. General Results for Higher Spin Wilson Lines and Entanglement in Vasiliev Theory (Hedge, Kraus, Perlmutter)
5. Hawking radiation, the Stefan-Boltzmann law, and unitarization (S. Giddings)
6. Quantum Corrections to Holographic Mutual Information (Agon, Faulkner)
7. Exact holography and black hole entropy in N=8 and N=4(Joao Gomes)

November 13th: Eva Llabres will present
Witten diagrams revisited: The AdS Geometry of Conformal Blocks
and we will informally discuss:
1. Instabilities of microstate geometries with antibranes (Bena, Pasini)
2. When is an area law not an area law (Chandran, Laumann, Sorkin)
3. Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and M-Theory (Vafa)
4. Effective field theory of dissipative fluids (Crossley, Glorioso, Liu)

November 6th: Fotis Dimitrakopoulos will present
"(In)stability of AdS" and his recent work
and we will informally discuss:
1. Wormholes, Emergent Gauge Fields, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture (Harlow)
2. A tensor network quotient takes the vacuum to the thermal state (Czech et. al)
3. Universal quantum constraints on the butterfly effect (Berenstein, Garcia-Garcia)
4. Elliptic Virasoro Conformal Blocks (Iqbal, Kozcaz, Yau) & An elliptic Virasoro symmetry in 6d (Nieri)
5. Information Retention by Stringy Black Holes
6. On Superconformal Anyons (Doroud, Tong, Turner)

October 23rd: Special Edition: Seminar speaker discussion.
We will informally discuss:
1. Bidirectional holographic codes and sub-AdS locality (Yang, Hayden, Qi)
2. S-duality of u(1) gauge theory with θ = π on non-orientable manifolds: Applications to topological insulators and superconductor (Metlitski)
3. Planet Hunters X. KIC 8462852 – Where’s the flux? (Boyajian et. al).
4. Axionic band structure of the cosmological constant (Bachlechner)

October 16th: Gerben Oling will present
"Looking for a bulk point" by Maldacena, Simmons-Duffin and Zhiboedov
and we will informally discuss
1. The Fluid Manifesto: Emergent symmetries, hydrodynamics, and black holes (Hael, Loganayagam, Rangamani)
2. Entanglement entropy of U(1) quantum spin liquids (Pretko, Senthil)
3. Bootstrapping 2D CFTs in the Semiclassical Limit (Chang, Lin)
4. Generalized Gravitational Entropy from Total Derivative Action (Dong, Miao)

guest host: Nabil
October 9th: Niels Obers (NBI, Copenhagen) will be telling us about
"Torsional Newton-Cartan geometry in Field Theory, Gravity and Holography "
and we will informally discuss
1. Microstate solutions from black hole deconstruction (Raeymaekers, Van den Bleeken)
2. AdS2 holography is (non-)trivial for (non-)constant dilaton (Grumiller, Salzer, Vassilevich)
3. The Exact Bremsstrahlung Function in N=2 Superconformal Field Theories(Fiol, Gerchkovitz, Komargodski)

October 2nd: Guglielmo Lockhart will be telling us about
Strings of six-dimensional SCFTs
and we will informally discuss
1. On anomalies:
Anomalies of the Entanglement Entropy in Chiral Theories (Iqbal, Wall), Entanglement Entropy & Anomaly Inflow (Leigh et al), Anomalies and Entanglement Entropy (Nishioka, Yarom)
2. On anti-branes, throats and KKLT:
Brane/antibrane dynamics and KKLT stability (Polchinski)
A goldstino at the bottom of the cascade (Bertolini, Musso, Papadimitriou, Raj)
3. On the Weak Gravity Conjecture:
Sharpening the Weak Gravity Conjecture with Dimensional Reduction (Heidenreich, Reece, Rudelius),
Warping the Weak Gravity Conjecture (Sooner, Parameswaran, Zavala)
4. Holographic Consequences of a No Transmission Principle(Engelhardt, Horowitz)
5. On complexity:
Complexity Equals Action(Susskind et al), Holographic Complexity(Alishahiha), Holographic Complexity And Cosmological Singularities(Barbon, Rabinovici)
6. Strong subadditivity and holography (Prudenziati)
7. Cauchy conformal fields in dimensions d>2 (Freidan, Keller)
8. T-duality Constraints on Higher Derivatives Revisited (Hofm, Zwiebach)
9. Anomalies, Conformal Manifolds, and Spheres (Gomis, Komargodski, Hsin, Schwimmer, Seiberg, Theisen)

September 25th: No Journal Club (D-ITP Leiden)

September 18th: David Ramirez will be telling us about
Disordered quantum criticality and thermal conductivities
and we will informally discuss
1. Looking for a bulk point (Maldacena, Simmons-Duffin, Zhiboedov)
2. Non-Thermal Corrections to Hawking Radiation Versus the Information Paradox (Dvali)
3. Spread of entanglement and causality (Casini, Liu, Mezei)
4. On anomalies: Anomalies of the Entanglement Entropy in Chiral Theories (Iqbal, Wall), Entanglement Entropy & Anomaly Inflow (Leigh et al), Anomalies and Entanglement Entropy (Nishioka, Yarom)
5. Hydrodynamics, resurgence and trans-asymptotics (Basar, Dunne)

September 11th: Manus Visser will be telling us about
Entanglement equilibrium and the Einstein equation (Jacobson)
and we will informally discuss
1. BV Master Action for Heterotic and Type II String Theories (Sen)
2. Permutation Orbifolds in the large N Limit (Belin, Keller, Maloney)
3. Causality Constraints in Conformal Field Theory (Hartman, Jain, Kundu)
4. Diagonalizing the Black Hole Information Retrieval Process (Gerard t Hooft)
5. Disorder in Large-N Theories(Aharony, Komargodski, Yankielowicz)
6. Conserved charges and black holes in the Einstein-Maxwell theory on AdS3 reconsidered (Perez, Riquelme, Tempo, Troncoso)

September 4th: Welcome back. We will informally discuss:
1. Fermion path integrals and topological phases (Witten)
2. Kerr-de Sitter Greybody Factors via Isomonodromy (Bruno Carneiro da Cunha, Favio Novaes)
3. Semiclassical Virasoro Blocks from AdS3 Gravity (Hijano, Kraus, Perlmutter, Snively)
4. Witten Diagrams Revisited: The AdS Geometry of Conformal Blocks (Hijano, Kraus, Perlmutter, Snively)
5. Geometric Microstates for the Three Dimensional Black Hole? (Maloney)
6. Divergences and Boundary Modes in N=8 Supergravity (Larsen, Lisbao)
7. Holographic Entanglement for Chern-Simons Terms (Azeyanagi, Loganayagam, Ng)
8. Wiggling Throat of Extremal Black Holes (Compère, Hajian, Seraj, Sheikh-Jabbari)
9. Notes on generalized global symmetries in QFT(Eric Sharpe)
10. Conformal invariance in the long-range Ising model (Paulos, Rychkov, van Rees, Zan)
11. Particle-vortex duality of 2d Dirac-fermion from electric-magnetic duality of 3d topological insulators (Metlitski, Vishwanath)
12. Strange Metals from Quantum Geometric Fluctuations of Interfaces (She, Biship, Balatsky)
13. The Information Paradox for Black Holes (Hawking)
14. On the Superconformal Index of Argyles-Douglas Theories (Buican, Nishinaka)
15. Schur Indices, BPS Particles, and Argyres-Douglas Theories (Cordova, Shao)
16. F-theory, Spinning Black Holes, and Multi-String Branches (Haghighat, Murthy, Vafa, Vandoren)